18 Mar March 18, 2015

Red Paddle Co 2015

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After using the 2014 Red Paddle Co boards in our paddle boarding school last season, the crew at Paddle boarding Cairns were truly excited to see what the 2015 line up would be like. Well, we definitely were’t disappointed. The first thing I noticed was the new colours. They really look amazing. I must admit last year I couldn’t of been happier with the durability and the performance of the boards, but the colours were just a bit bland. This year though they really have stepped it up and gave the boards a sexy new look.


Red, Paddle, Co, SUP, Cairns, Paddle Boarding, Palm, Cove

Red Paddle Co


The thing that really separates the Red Paddle Co boards from other inflatable boards is the quality. The quality simply can’t be matched. The Red Paddle Co boards can be pumped up to a massive 25psi, well that’s what Red Paddle Co recommends anyway. We’ve actually pushed it way past 25psi and left them in the school to be used on a daily basis and we are yet to have an issue with any of our boards. We have tried other inflatable brands, but they have all fallen apart within a few months. Some even blew out within a couple of weeks.



Ok you’re never gonna get the same performance out of an inflatable paddle board as a hard top board. But the one advantage you have with Red Paddle Co is that that extra pressure you can put in the boards really does give it a performance advantage over other inflatable brands.


Storage and handling


Well Storage and handling is what Red Paddle Co inflatable boards are all about. For a start you don’t have to worry about that clumsy friend of yours that bashes it into everything. Being inflatable you can bash it around as mush as you like. A small ding or crack in a hard top board can completely bugger the board if not repaired immediately. And of course storage can’t be matched. All you have to do is simply deflate it, roll it up and stick it in the bag. They also come with the perfect travel bag that has wheels and a handle on it for easy travelling.


Well that’s just a bit of an idea on what Red Paddle CO has to offer. If you have any questions about the Red Paddle Co equipment or paddle boarding in general, feel free to give us a bell or shoot us an email.  All our contact detail are on our website.






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