16 Mar March 16, 2015

Paddle Boarding Cairns Beaches

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Cairns beaches are the perfect place to learn stand up paddle boarding.  In this blog article, i will talk about my experience learning to paddle board with Paddle Boarding Cairns and all of the areas that i like to go SUPing in the region.

Paddle Boarding Cairns Beaches – Palm Cove

I was a complete beginner when I moved to the area, but I knew that paddle boarding would be a great hobby to have, especially in the Cairns region.  So I booked in for a 1 hour Paddle Board lesson with Luke and Andy in Palm Cove.  It was the perfect day for it. My lesson started at 7.30am, the ocean was flat and glassy and I was given a 10 foot paddle board to use for my first time.  Before I went out on the water, my instructor gave me a basic run down on how to paddle board on the beach, including how to use the paddle, how to come to a standing position and what to do if I fall off.  We went out on the water together and I was soon away!

I was lucky that it was such a calm day at Palm Cove, because I got the hang of it very quickly! I paddled around for an hour and felt quite confident by the end of my lesson.  Luke even taught me how to turn around on the paddle board.

Paddle boarding Cairns Beaches


Paddle Boarding the Cairns Beaches

Since my first lesson, i have bought my own stand up paddle board, which the guys from Paddle Boarding Cairns helped me to get, and at a good price.

I love Paddle boarding along the Cairns beaches, especially Palm Cove, Kewarra Beach and Buchan’s Point.  Here the conditions are perfect in the early morning before the wind comes up.


Paddle Boarding in the Cairns Region

I also love to paddle board at Lake Placid.  It’s such an amazingly peaceful spot, and we usually have the place to ourselves in the afternoon.  This is a great place to come if you are a complete beginner as  the water is always flat! It makes it a lot easier!

If you have time, Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine in the table lands are great spots to paddle board.  it’s worth heading out there for the whole day on the weekend to make the most of your time and explore the lake on your paddle board.


Paddle Boarding Cairns


I would highly recommend getting into paddle boarding, especially if you are living or passing through this area.  Try a lesson with Paddle Boarding Cairns and you will not be disappointed!

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