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Inflatable Paddle boards (SUPs) – 10ft 6 Rider Review

Andrew Bamford 0 Inflatable Paddleboard
Inflatable Paddleboard

Hi guys.  You may have heard of the inflatable paddleboard.  the name says it all. Just pump it up and its ready to go.  Anyway, we have just started using them in our paddleboarding school in Cairns, Palm Cove. We just purchased a 10 foot 6 Ride from the Red Paddle Co and were presently surprised when we pumped our first one up and got it out on the water.

Inflatable Paddleboard

So I would like to give you guys the low down on this board, because we think it has most of the boxes ticked as far as a quality paddleboard goes.

Here are some of the things we discovered about this board.


This board is super tough.  The skin is really robust and thick.  We pumped the heck out of it to the recommended maximum pressure of 25 PSI and the result was a solid tough  board.  The skin is made of tough drop stitch that can withstand high pressure.  Also, this board comes with a tri fin system.  From what we can see, there is no way these fins will break.  They are moulded into the fabric of the board and will hopefully withstand years of dragging up and down the beach.


Wow, talk about the perfect board for learning to stand on.  The board is nice and wide and can handle even really heavy riders on it.  At Paddleboarding Cairns, we had the board out today with some beginners in choppy conditions once the wind got up, and they rode this board like a piece of cake.


This board gains speed quickly and glides effortlessly through the water.  We put it up against some of our soft-tops and it felt considerably easier to gain momentum.


Initially, we took this board out with it slightly under pumped.  We noticed that it flexed quite a bit going through the chop.  So we took it back in and gave it the maximum pressure required for an inflatable SUP.  We still noticed a little flex when dealing with waves or chop but certainly no more than the soft tops

Storage and Travelling

This inflatable paddle board packs in nicely into a back pack.  This is perfect for travelling.  Gone are the days when you no longer can take a SUP on an aeroplane or the bus.  This board is fully transportable.

In Summary

This board will never be a dedicated performance board like an epoxy or bamboo board. However, it is robust, looks smart and perfect for the traveller or person who just wants to go out for the weekend.  We have seen some paddleboarding schools still using the same boards after 4 years of constant use and they still  haven’t had any holes or surface damage that will effect their performance.

Our rating for this board  8/10

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